Thursday, December 6, 2012

Crockpot meal for two: Ranch Onion Chicken & Potatoes

Between the baby crying wanting to be fed, the dog barking wanting to go outside, the dryer keeps beeping telling you the clothes are ready. So lets be honest, you turn the dryer back on taking it off your to do list for at least 30 more minutes, and try to figure out how your going to fit making dinner into the crazy next two hours. Well why not let the Crockpot do the work for you!? Most people think a Crockpot is for making meals for multiple people but there's only two mouths to feed in my house (well at least two that prefer real food over Mommy milk lol). This recipe for ranch onion chicken and potatoes is easy and cheap, now if your looking for a super healthy meal this isn't the recipe for you but if you like easy and flavorful read on :)

What you'll need:
1.Pam Cooking Spray
2. 2 Chicken Breast
3. Garlic salt (optional)
4. Lawery's salt(optional)
5. Potatoes(depending on size, 3)
6. Ranch packet (not dressing)
7. Onion dip mix packet
8. 2 tablespoons of olive oil
9. 2/3rds cup of water

So let me start by giving you a hint that's going to save you time (which we all know we need) when you do the dishes, every time you cook in your Crockpot do yourself a favor and spray some Pam Cooking Spray in there, this keeps all the gunk from sticking to the sides. And makes clean up a breeze.
Now I have a Crockpot thats fairly new and works pretty well especially on high which is perfect when I forget to start the Crockpot until 3 hours before dinner.
So I turn my Crockpot on high, then I place my two thawed chicken breasts in( i've done up to four) but any more than four you'll need to up the cooking time.
Next I sprinkle a little bit of garlic salt and Lawery's salt on the breast, these salts are optional but I use them religiously (Thank you Mom for starting me on that lol) but it would still taste good without them.
Then I pour one tablespoon of olive oil and 2/3rds cup of water in.
Next I take 3 potatoes, wash and scrub them, wrap them in a paper towel and throw them in the microwave for two minutes, i know thats kinda cheating but otherwise your potatoes wont cook in the Crockpot as fast as the chicken will.
Next part is a little hot so i do it with an oven mit on, I use my oven mit hand to hold the potatoes and cut them up into small squares and added those to the Crockpot.
I then sprinkle half of the ranch packet, and half of the onion packet on to of everything. (I save the other halves in a ziplock for the next time i make this meal) then I add the last tablespoon of olive oil over the top. Put the lid on, and let it cook for 2 and 1/2 hours on high. Its perfect cause in this time I can feed the baby, do some tummy time, take the dog for a walk, finish a load of laundry, and kiss my hubby when he gets home from work. I usually use a spatula with the holes in it to scoop it out cause theres still some water and oil in the bottom. Add a salad or vegetable and there you have it a meal for two thats cheap easy and flavorful!


  1. Looks yummy, I think I may need to try this one.

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